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Thank you all for stopping by the website, where I will be providing you all my overall crypto insights & helpful information to allow you to maximize your profits & trade like a true Crusader.

My name is Nick or (NCashOfficial) and I have spent the last few years studying & analyzing the market and it's overall patterns. I have learned that a lot of what you see is the bare minimum to understanding the market. Emotions, triggers, & so much more can either make or break an individual in the crypto market, & that is why it is always KEY to separate emotions, feelings, whatever the case may be from the game.

The market delivers 1000% gains, but just as fast it could easily take them away. This video will provide you with a 30 minute lesson that goes in-depth on what I personally do to control my emotions & why patience is the KEY to success within this market.

My overall goal of this video is to provide you with some insight on how/why it is important to control your emotions/how to control your emotions & the importance of patience as well as much more. Of course nothing in this video/on this website is financial advice, but I will be providing you with vital information on how to truly make sure you don't get trapped bag holding.

This is a 30 minute long video explaining my personal outlets of controlling my emotions & also studying/putting to work the idea of patience. You will receive a download link sent to the email provided at checkout to the video that you will be able to save & study for the upcoming bull run. The content in this video is owned SOLELY by NCashOfficial & is copyrighted, any sharing, selling, etc of this video is prohibited.